Brief Repairs on the Gradually Unravelling Spool in the Sense Continuum.
 "There were great moments such as when the great Sam Rivers came to play with the band.  There is sadness at the loss of other members such as Frederick Sheppard and Richard Theodore.  There have been quite supportive audiences and a small but dedicated inner circle of people that contribute through other means." 

From Pandemonium to a View of Eidolons


"Keeping a large ensemble together is no easy task.  Despite disasters, deaths, cultural shifts, new membership, and other adversities the group has managed to maintain great adherence to the basic ideals set out in 1997 when the group was formed.  There are many people that have committed great time and energy to seeing the band live.  The social forces in New Orleans music make something like this much harder to maintain than in 1998, primarily because the necessities of post-Katrina New Orleans make it harder for musicians and venues to commit the time to keep the coherence in such a project.  Nonetheless, we recorded another album just days before Hurricane Katrina.  We hope to see that come out at some point soon.  Additionally, we continue to perform whenever an opportunity presents itself."